10 Reasons to Start Investing in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is making waves in the market, particularly after the peak of Bitcoin.  It is a digital currency that is not regulated by any central authority. The existence of cryptocurrency is controlled by blockchain. This was supposed to be the field of financial experts and tech-savvy. Since the massive outbreak of Bitcoin, even normal people are curious about this sector and are willing to invest in it.

What is cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency created through encryption algorithms that can be used as an option to traditional payment approaches. As cryptocurrencies are encoded, they also function as virtual accounting systems. Cryptocurrencies must be stored in a cryptocurrency wallet. 

Cryptocurrency (Image credit: Image by Freepik)

This idea was first introduced in the 1990s by David Chaum with DigiCash. In 2008, Santoshi Nakomoto explained this concept on a broader scale with an emphasis on Bitcoin. The total value of Bitcoin is $1.03 trillion according to CoinMarketCap. It is gaining popularity in the world of business. Some economic powerhouse nations, such as Australia, Canada, and Japan, have already started holding Bitcoin through tax and legal measures as part of their incremental incorporation into the economic mainstream. 

As a result of this surge, other cryptocurrencies are being developed, called altcoins. Currently, 850 cryptocurrencies are traded internationally in the digital financial system, including Ethereum (Ether), Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, and Stratis.


Bitcoin is the most widespread currency. The best part of bitcoin is its confidentiality which is achieved using codes, encryptions, and cryptography. This currency is protected in the form of two keys: public and private. A public key is a code unique to each user that allows them to access a particular wallet. The private key is a type of address used for making transactions. In each wallet, there is a public key and a private key. A great feature of this is that no other user is able to recognize the public key. This wallet cannot be accessed by third parties.



In terms of popularity, Ethereum ranks second after Bitcoin.  It is a blockchain platform that consists of programming languages that can build other blockchain applications like smart contracts and Ethereum virtual machines.  

It was formulated by Vitalik Buterin in 2013 and commercially launched in 2015. The total market capitalization of Ethereum is approximately $30 billion. It has received wide attention from customers, businesses, and start-ups. This platform allows other start-ups to develop their own cryptocurrencies.

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Crucial attributes of cryptocurrency

One of the best investment options

Crypto is trending day by day with its increasing graph. It can definitely yield high returns with long-term investment. If we are merely saving the money or depositing it in banks, it will lead to inflation. As a result, there will hardly be any growth. Cryptocurrency can grow as well as multiply the investment amount.

It is subtle and easy

There is a lot of confusion about crypto and its requirements. It is not difficult as it seems. Nowadays, everyone is equipped with smartphones and an internet connection. We only have to create an account and put some amount in the wallet to buy and sell it. Also, there is no paperwork involved.

No risk of inflation

The supply of cryptocurrency is limited, unlike traditional currencies. Bitcoins will not cross the cap of 21 million. They need digging by decrypting complex problems stored in the source code. As of now, 18.5 million Bitcoins are mined. Every four years, Bitcoin releases fewer new coins, which means the supply is limited. Therefore, Bitcoin won’t become inflationary.

Cryptocurrency mining is dominated by China.

It is safe

Crypto is a decentralized system where data is reserved by multiple users. Whenever a transaction happens, it gets recorded and cannot be deleted. If anyone tries to meddle or steal the information, the error gets popped up, and all the users can rectify it. This whole chain is of the highest security.

It is driving the market crazy

The Crypto revolution just began 12 years ago. It is growing like crazy. In a few years, we can start seeing the major trend, and it will have a lot of benefits.  Blockchain is spreading just like the internet. Everyone will get influenced by this currency’s applications soon enough.

Crypto applications
Crypto applications (Image credit: Image by macrovector on Freepik)

Nobody holds the money

Crypto is not owned by anyone and no central authority holds the money. Whoever is running the crypto can retain control and keep the network active. Our regular money is possessed by banks or governments. Due to this, we must rely on business hours and adhere to all other restrictions pertaining to transactions. 

With crypto, the whole affair gets easy, accessible, and unrestricted.

Low processing costs

Investing involves purchasing, selling, and holding fees. Cryptocurrency is no exception. A key difference between crypto and traditional fees is that crypto prices are defined by users. That’s why keeping them low makes sense for them. It’s much cheaper than paying stockbrokers. The same is true for international transfers. Making a transfer through banks is a costly affair. Cryptocurrencies, however, avoid organizations making a yield from money transfers, which is a massive advantage for businesses. Crypto adoption rates will continue to grow for this reason.

Great returns

Despite the surge of COVID-19, crypto prices have witnessed significant boosts in 2020. Ethereum is currently worth $1901 USD, up from $145 at the beginning of the year. Several experts predict it will surpass Bitcoin in popularity. As of now, Ripples is valued at $ 0.3822. 

Changpeng Zhao, Sam Bankman-Fried, and Brian Armstrong are a few richest crypto billionaires.

Big opportunities

Crypto accounts allow you to send, receive, and save payments. Investing in crypto, however, offers the biggest opportunities. Bitcoin is a good example. Bitcoins’ current price is 24,166.65 USD. Profits would have been significant if we had invested five years back. It’s best to get educated and get some experience to learn about coins and understand when to buy them. We should be intelligent enough to spot the tons of opportunities in crypto.

Serious prospect for businesses

Microsoft, PayPal, Overstock, Starbucks, etc., are accepting bitcoins. Even Wikipedia is getting donations in the form of bitcoins. The fact remains that other companies are still wary of accepting payments in it due to its volatility. It will even out over time as more and more big businesses accept Bitcoins – and other cryptocurrencies. 

Take advantage of this crypto economy by investing intelligently!


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